A little kindness – can get you into trouble 😄

Jeff and I were driving home from Town and saw in the distance a little old lady, bend almost double, with about 5 shopping bags.

“Oh look Jeff, that poor little old lady can hardly stand up and look at all those bags she’s trying to carry” 😔

Jeff pulled over and I got out of the car

“Do you need a lift or some help with your shopping?” I said to her, bending down to her level

She stood up – she was younger than me – she was bending over to do up her shoe lace 😄😄😄😄😄

She looked bemused and a little wary, possibly thinking I was trying to either steal her shopping or flirting with her 😜

She accepted the lift though! 😃


13 thoughts on “A little kindness – can get you into trouble 😄

      1. I saw an episode on Investigation Discovery about toxic couples once, where the lady who also had a lovely face lures their victims into the car. Good thing you grocery bag lady hadn’t seen that episode. Not that you guys are toxic crazy people but when you watch enough of those crime shows it does tend to make you a little paranoid, actually a lot paranoid.

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