A lesson learnt πŸ˜³

I took fourth born into Town shopping. Β She refused point blank to wear a jumper and insisted on wearing shorts despite being told it was cold outside!

I’m all for children learning the hard way – so what exactly did she learn?

She learnt that if she whimpered like a beaten abandoned puppy for long enough and shivered like she was having a seizure – I would give her my bloody jumper to wear! 😳😳


22 thoughts on “A lesson learnt πŸ˜³

  1. Ah, but I bet she also learned how uncomfortable it is to be caught in weather wearing inappropriate clothing, yes? I remember so well, as a teenager, not having a fashionable coat and preferring to go out in zero degree weather in my street clothes, claiming to be “too hot” rather than wear an uncool coat. As long as it wasn’t pouring rain, and I didn’t have to walk too many blocks, I was okay. Pride kept me warm!

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