To wax or not to wax …… πŸ˜„

No no no – not me! 😜 I know damn well I have to wax! It’s other household members I’m concerned about …….

Fourth born had a very interesting day with her beau Tristan, aka “Tripe” I called them down for their eggy bread – they seemed to take ages to come down the stairs.

They came into the kitchen, I passed Lana her plate, and did a double take ……

“What have you done to your face?” I asked her. Β She had two red rectangle shapes on her little cheeks

“Nothing” she replied

I touched the red marks – they were sticky – like wax!


“Have you been playing with my wax strips?” 😁

Her response was to hold up her leg – with the trouser leg stuck to it – more bloody wax!

Upstairs in the bathroom – wax strips stuck to the floor, to the mirror and one dangling from the door handle 😳

But more to the point – I will now be combing my legs – and – um – other bits – for the time being 😳


18 thoughts on “To wax or not to wax …… πŸ˜„

  1. Oh I can just imagine what my reaction would be if Princess managed something like that! When she was not even 2 she got into my make up storage and made a real mess, not to mention all the wasted eye shadows and glitters. The pictures thank goodness were priceless, those will come back to haunt her when she finally starts using the stuff for reals πŸ˜€

    I definitely feel your pain, I hate when I have to wait with unruly legs, pits and other bits…. I hope you manage to grab some more soon to be out of misery!

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  2. Honestly, Lisa, I’ve grabbed razors from my wees on more than one occasion. I think I’d feel much better ripping off a wax strip. By the way, DO NOT grab a razor from a child, or anyone for that matter. When I say it’s a bloody mess, I’m not being cheeky. I mean blood [dramatic pause] bloody. ::Heavy sigh:: Like you said, there’s always a comb. Of course, if your legs or, um, other bits, are anything like my legs, I suggest you invest rather heavily in styling products too. =0)

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