47 thoughts on “To Iron or not to Iron?

    1. I have a combination washer/dryer – the dryer is rubbish so washing is dried outside or on clothes horse – hence loads of creases – I actually enjoy ironing – it’s my excuse to watch my lovely Jeremy Kyle – it’s just so time consuming x

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  1. I never iron if I line dry, it ruins the smell 😛 I rarely do when I tumble dry either (unless I know I’m going somewhere fancy-shmancy) why bother everything gets wrinkly anyways!

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  2. Well I’m a man, so maybe my point of view is not relavent here 🙂 I leave my clean laundry in cubes, straight out of the basket, on the bed. I only take out one or two shirts that I know can’t be super wrinkled. Thanksfully I married someone who doesn’t mind too too much.

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  3. Me too! Slutty housewives!? I have only used an iron twice in the last ten years and only because we were part of a wedding party 😊 Nobody seemed to notice the crease I created on hubby’s rear end 😊

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  4. Get a garment steamer!! I haven’t ironed anything in forever but a good steamer will do ya in a pinch. Quick and Easy are my favorite things.

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