The tables turned πŸ˜„

I went up to see first borns new flat with him last night. Β It was dark and I tripped up the outdoor steps and fell flat on my face πŸ˜„

I was snorting with laughter as I rolled along the path, thinking it was all very amusing – saying his new neighbours will assume he’s got a drunk old woman coming home with him πŸ˜„

Instead of laughing with me – he told me off as he pulled me to my feet

“For fucks sake Mother, you got to be careful, you’ll hurt your dodgy wrists or break a hip” πŸ˜„

He was looking after me – suddenly I had became the clumsy careless child – and him the responsible parent! Β I hope this continues and I can rely on him to bring me a bag of shopping and warm up my soup in my old age! 😜


23 thoughts on “The tables turned πŸ˜„

  1. Wow – I have gotten the “be careful, you might fall and break a hip” line. What the heck? I am not that frail yet – of course nobody seems to be around, hovering, worrying over my well-being when I am tackling the 2 tons of laundry that appear in the basket overnight.

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  2. I reveled in “Mom payback” with my adult sons, (especially while my first-born and his bride tortured the rest of us staying on two months after the wedding). Even so, I blubbed for the entire month they moved into their own place. I covet your style.

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