Moving Day 😳


Today first born collects the keys to his new flat and officially leaves home.  I didn’t really class it as him leaving home when he went to University – I knew he would be home during holidays and most of his stuff stayed with us.

But today, this is different – I know it’s his forever move.  I know he won’t come home again, not because he wouldn’t be welcome, but because – It’s Time 😳

It’s also his birthday tomorrow so I’ve got him loads of exciting things like a clothes horse and a pizza cutter 😄 I’m also going to be getting him an iron – don’t want any of those clothes finding their way back home to me 😜

I feel my little chick is leaving the nest and whilst I’m so happy for him – I will miss him terribly 😕

So go fly, fly high my first born love, you were such a beautiful endearing child, with your sweet kind nature, you always shared your love and your belongings as a child and have continued to do so for the rest of your growing years with your little brother and two little sisters ❤️


I wish you love, success and happiness in all you do ❤️


SHIT – I’ve just realised its April Fools Day!!!!! 😜😜😜😜






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