I don’t wanna hear youuuuuu

Hahahahaha – writing that last post has just triggered a memory of an old Sergeant Major I used to care for in a Residential Home.

He was such a character, 94 years old, a crinkly cheeky smile and wandering hands if ever he had the opportunity!

I was helping him get ready one morning as his wife was coming to visit

“Let’s pop your hearing aid in Major” I said to him “Your wife will be here soon” 😄

“Let’s not” he replied “wait until she’s gone home!” 😄😄😄


14 thoughts on “I don’t wanna hear youuuuuu

  1. My partner’s mother used to slyly turn her hearing aid off when the chatter displeased her. As far as I can tell only me and my parter ever noticed her doing it.

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