Surprise! 😀😀

Random conversation with 1st born, listening to music in the kitchen.  A track comes on “I like this, I think I may have it at my funeral!” I inform him.

” No, it’s ok” he replies “I have your funeral already planned, music, everything” 😄

“Oh good” I said “What have you got planned?”

“It’s a surprise!” he smiles secretly………….  I can’t wait – I love a surprise! 😜😜


37 thoughts on “Surprise! 😀😀

      1. I’m a planner – I would like to know date and preferably time too – not first thing in the morning – my hair is always a mess then. Hopefully I won’t be wearing off white knickers – ok – grey knickers. I’d like to ensure house is tidy and clean – who the fuck am I kidding – that’ll never happen 😁 after dinner – just before the washing up needs doing and if possible, Sunday evening, so I’ve had a good weekend – I mean, how depressing if it’s a Friday – when you’ve just finished work for the week!

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      2. Ha! Before Jeff and I had the girls I bought him a Lego helicopter to build one Christmas – he was like a child – rushed his Christmas dinner, cleared the table, and then sat for 3 hours building it! 😁

        Damn right I blame him for the children’s love of Lego 😁

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  1. Your kids are magic – one night after reading Cinderella to my little girl she said ” you know what mom I love you
    I replied I love her with all my heart and out of nowhere she came out with this gem
    ” You know what mom? I don’t ever want my heart to break.” She is 4 years old. I was nearly in tears. Anyway love you posts about your kids. They come across as having a lot of mummy in them 🙂

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    1. Oh that’s beautiful, I hope your little girl never has a broken heart either – little sweetie x don’t we all pray our children never get hurt – one of the worse things for me was watching my big strong adult son sob when his relationship ended – my heart broke for him xx


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