Roller Skating πŸ˜€

I started taking Arowyn to the Roller Disco a few months ago. Β She’s become really good which surprises me as she is my little clumsy giraffe usually.

I used to just sit and watch – but the more I watched the more desperately I wanted to try it – it just looked such good fun!

Now Arowyn has obviously inherited her clumsiness from a bigger giraffe – me!

So a few weeks ago I gave it a try – yes I ended up on my arse a few times but Oh My – I loved it πŸ˜„

In my mind I feel like I’m gliding along in my skates, the music pounding in my ears, the lights are flashing and transporting me back to my disco days – I even attempt a little wiggle of the hips to the music every now and again – so much is my happiness in that roller skating rink πŸ˜€

In reality I’m like an old cart horse – clomping my way around in a circle. Β I’m very much a danger to the small children. Β This evening I managed to “take out” three together, all holding hands – I took out another two when I fell over and they landed on top of me. Β I clomp around that rink, arms stretched out in front of me like a Mummy – clutching at small children, pushing them out the way – for their own safety, you understand πŸ˜„ I can’t figure out how to stop and tonight rolled out the door and into the foyer of the leisure centre – luckily an elderly gentleman broke my fall 😜

I will continue even if the novelty wears off for Arowyn – well providing I don’t need a hip replacement soon πŸ˜„


4 thoughts on “Roller Skating πŸ˜€

  1. I used to love the roller rink in my younger days! I don’t think I would ever do it again though, it would probably end in a hospital trip for at least me and probably a few others πŸ˜›

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