Give with one hand ……..

A fortnight ago I unexpectedly received a letter from a credit card company that I used to have an account with several years ago.  They very kindly informed me that they owed me my PPI payments, which they mis-sold to me.  I had to send a copy of our marriage certificate and they would be in touch and the cheque forthcoming!

To say I was over the moon was an understatement.  I know it won’t be a massive amount but how lovely to be owed money for a change.

I decided I would use it to get the gear box fixed on the car, finish the bastard decorating in the downstairs loo – let Jeff buy his extra bits for his quad-copter, get my hair coloured, professionally – instead of looking like a badger when I colour it myself, oh the bloody list was endless 😄

I still haven’t received the cheque from them – but there was no rush.

What I did receive in the post today was a letter from the Tax Office to say I had been overpayed in tax credits and owed them £412.00 – bastards!  So guess where my little windfall is going ……….

Looks like my badger head will remain for the foreseeable future along with my half finished downstairs loo – plus Jeff may need to ride 18 miles on a bicycle to work before too long! 😄



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