Dog Poo! πŸ’©

Hahahahahahahaha – look at that little emoji of poo πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Moving swiftly along – I took my little Peppa for her walk this morning and was disgusted by the amount of dog poo that still doesn’t get picked up by owners. Β For crying out loud, in this day and age why on earth do people not pick up their dog poo – it makes me so mad!

It’s a serious thing to be caught not picking up after your dog, along with a heavy fine. Β Every single coat in our household has pockets filled with poo bags 😁 I live in fear of ever leaving the house without my little bags – I may forget to take the dog – but never ever the poo bags 😳 Β I’ve only ever forgotten once, when she was a puppy. Β She decided to conquer her fear of doing a poo and chose to do it right outside the school gate! Β Hundreds of eyes glared at me, parents taking their little children into school, in their little shiny shoes, and there was my little dog, grunting away in happiness. Β I felt in my pocket – NO FUCKING POO BAG!!!!

I was tempted to pick it up with my bare hands – so big are my morals on this subject – but I improvised and made Lana empty her sandwiches out of the sandwich bag and picked up the poo with the sandwich bag πŸ˜„ Β I’ve never ever forgotten again!

When I take Peppa out she always runs miles ahead of me chasing her ball. Β As soon as I see her squatting – I’m like a homing pigeon – running along, not taking my eyes off where she’s deposited her poo. Β When I arrive at the destination I scan the area – she’s only a little Jack Russell so her poo is small. Β I nearly crawl on hands and knees to find it – because I’m so bloody scared someone will think I’ve not picked it up and fine me! Β I’m abit of a nervous wreck when she does a poo in our garden in case the Dog Β Poo Police fine me!

So how the hell do people get away with not picking it up – why does nobody ever see these mysterious dog owners who quite happily let their dogs poo on a school field, where the children walk across and play? Β I’m going to find them and make them clean my wellie boots – I trod in dog poo this morning! 😠


22 thoughts on “Dog Poo! πŸ’©

  1. You can use your sock if you’re ever without a I try to encourage my dog to take a dump in the backyard before I take her out for a walk. I think people who walk their dogs at night are the ones who don’t pick up after their dog. All dogs should have their DNA in a database so that you can trace the poo to the rightful owner.

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    1. Brilliant idea with the sock – although I hope I never have to resort to it 😁 I agree it must be folk out at night that don’t clear up – the huge field where we walk is very exposed – it would be impossible to not be spotted during the day!


      1. I think so. There really aren’t a lot of good options in that situation. Hopefully I’m not wearing my good socks on that day.

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      1. too much emotional scarring from getting soap in the mouth…to this day I can’t swear without stuttering over the word or whispering it…and there is nothing cool about stuttering out swear words…then again, I’ve never claimed to be cool lol

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      2. Funnily enough I never uttered any profanities till I was an adult – I’ve got worse the older I’ve got. My sister was a terror as a child but angelic from teenager upwards.

        My mom always said “good in the cradle – bad at the table” 😁 that’s me, that is!

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  2. One of my pet hates too. That is why we have a cat! Mostly an indoor cat. Random useless info for you. I once read that Paris has the highest percentage of dog poo ( obviously not scooped into a bag) on it’s pavements compared to the whole world. πŸ˜€

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  3. I had to pick up poo this very morning!
    My husband has forgotten to let the cat out…
    Where I found it?
    IN MY DAUGHTERS BEDROOM!!! I could have killed that little ball of fluff! Why couldn’t she do it downstairs on the mat like a normal pet???!!!
    I am certain she did that on purpose!
    As for not picking up:
    Before we moved to the UK, we where based in Holland, better known as
    because no one picks up dog poop, though by law they have to.
    Except from tourist areas, there is poo on all paths, which is disgusting and very smelly in summer!

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