The fish with a wish ……

So the little kamikaze fish struck again this morning. Β This time jumping out of his tank and landing on 3rd borns knee before her hand launched him across the floor in panic πŸ˜„

I came running into front room as I heard her screams of panic – at first I thought her screams were something to do with a spider – so I started screaming too …….

I looked to where her little hand was pointing and saw a very large orange spider flopping around – on closer inspection it was kamikaze fish. Β I picked him up – again – and plopped him back in his tank, giving him a good telling off that next time I might not be here to save him – he will be eaten by the cat!

He looked at me smugly – I could tell – and he then turned his back on me and wiggled his rear end as he swam off 😳

Its just a matter of time before he starts his nonsense again. Β I can only hope he doesn’t land under the sofa – he could be there a long time ………… 😜


18 thoughts on “The fish with a wish ……

    1. I’ve very strategically placed a wicker place mat thingy over the top – air can get in but hopefully he can’t push it off to jump out – this is turning into a battle of wills between me and kamikaze fish – stupid fish – if he wins – he possibly dies 😨


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