The Dingo got the baby 😃

Good old Facebook shares a link to my wall asking

“What domestic animal is best for you?”

It would appear Facebook thinks the best one for me is a Dingo!!!!!

Can anyone shed any light on why a Dingo would be good as my domestic pet? 😳😳😳

The boys should be safe, 4th born, probably not ………….. 😜



14 thoughts on “The Dingo got the baby 😃

  1. After seeing a domesticated Dingo at an Animals of Australia exhibit I begged my husband to help me liberate her (and by liberate I meant into our household were I would love her and pet her and call her George) He refused to be an ‘accomplice’ He’s such a drama queen. Dingo’s are super cute, can be very affectionate, are super smart and they can ‘sing’ (sort of) Heck… We’re practically twins! I’m all for adopting a dingo (except for the whole ‘locking up something wild’ thing…then again, sometimes I feel like a caged animal tied to housekeeping duties and family responsibilities, so we could commiserate and remind each other of the good ‘ol days before we got so domesticated)

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    1. Tbh I don’t know a lot about them, so that’s really interesting. Hmmmm maybe I could swap small offspring for Dingo? I just thought it rather random of Facebook to match me with a Dingo – perhaps Facebook is bored of my offspring photos and thought to kill two birds with one stone Ha! 😁


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