I was looking through some holiday photos of when we were on our honeymoon in South Africa.  Jeff convinced me to go down some massive caves on a tour.  It was beautiful down there – for a short time ………..

We were with a guide, a whole group of us.  We had to crawl in the smallest tunnels and gaps – and when you know there are folk behind you, you have no choice to continue through the caves and tunnels – hyperventilating!


This was me climbing out at the end – I stood on a small child’s head to get out first 😜



24 thoughts on “Claustrophobia

      1. Me neither. But I did get into a similar situation as a kid. Needing to go into some sorta cave because the people after me kept pushing forward. I think it’s the crowd that put me off. I wouldn’t mind the cave by itself. 😀

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  1. An adventure you most have enjoyed! i remember been scared of riding in a boat at sea…turned out to be a memorable and fun adventure. Thanks for sharing.

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