Lesson of the day …..

This is mainly for the young men of this world – it’s not really aimed at girls, us girls understand how things work! 😄

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  Now if you ask your Mom what she would like for Mother’s Day and she giggles and says

“Oh don’t waste your money on me – I don’t need anything”


She doesn’t mean that – of course she wants a bunch of flowers or some choccies – to make up for 9 months of getting fat, stretch marks, hours of pain squeezing you out and months of a dodgy pelvic floor, that meant she wet her pants every time she sneezed not to mention a fanny like a bucket!

Don’t cock up like my sons did when they were teenagers.

I did exactly that, told them not to get me anything and true to their word – they didn’t 😳

The following morning when I realised they hadn’t got me anything was very traumatic for them.  I wailed, I cried, I shouted and then cried some more!

They stood there, completely perplexed “But you said you didn’t want anything!”

“I didn’t bloody mean it!” I sobbed, chucking myself dramatically on the floor 😳

I’ve since figured that I’ve taught them a valuable lesson in life.  Hopefully their girlfriends and wives will benefit from my pain on that day and they will never make the mistake of listening when someone tells them

“Don’t you worry about getting me anything for my birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s  Day”



16 thoughts on “Lesson of the day …..

  1. I miss the days when I took the kids to the store, bought the ingredients for fruit salad and apple pie, stocked up on perennials. My kids and I would plant the flowers together, the boy made the fruit salad and we all made the apple pie together. The kids wrote notes to their mother in chalk all over our driveway and front sidewalk while I fired up the charcoal grill. We celebrated with a big lunch on the front porch after my wife came home from church and coffee with friends. Alas, one kid is gone and the other doesn’t care any more.


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  2. I am going to print this and put it in my son’so journal for when he is older. Right now he is 7 and super thoughtful but he will get older and become forgetful. 😉 Happy Mother’s Day! (We celebrate in May.)


  3. Ancient hag as I am, I am finally at that ‘ mature’ stage, when one may hope that, being around the quarter -century, the offspring become softened around the edges. Anyway, this year, admitting defeat following an average 26 years of discreet hinting, I spelled out exactly what was required, ie food, in my own home, neither planned nor prepared nor ( most importantly) cleared away by Your Truly.
    Ended up with half a takeaway, a monster pantry-based family row , a snorting disgruntled man-hog in my bed and still trying to dispel the air of resentment that has settled around my home like a long-distilled cat-fart.

    Currently displacing with mega solo cheese-mining session in the fridge.truly athletic proportions. Bring on the gin-fountain…

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    1. Oh dear – I’m sorry it didn’t work – I’m also sorry that I chuckled at your description of your day – so wonderfully put 😁

      Drink from that gin-fountain – drink that baby dry – you deserve it cos it’s mother’s day – and you can do whatever you want xxx


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