From hero to zero …..

“Mom, quick!” shouted my eldest son yesterday afternoon “A fish has jumped out of the tank!”

Sure enough one of the small fish tanks was empty.  Chris pulled back the filing cabinet and there was this poor little fish behind it.  I picked him up – he was covered in fluff and dust and a tesco receipt was stuck on the end of his tail – I removed fluff and lovingly put him back in tank – he appears to have survived 😃

My moment of glory was very short-lived as the day wore on ……..

I am forever being told off for leaving the house without my phone, I tend to pop off to the shop, school and wherever empty handed – I come home to find someone in the household nagging that they’ve been trying to contact me – and there is a long list of missed calls on my phone.

Well yesterday everyone was proved right!  Off I drove to the local shop in my pyjamas, slippers and dressing gown cos I kinda rock like that and I didn’t intend getting out of the car 😄 I took the girls with me to buy the popcorn for the evening 😃

Arowyn went into the shop whilst me and Lana sat happily in the car.  I passed the time counting the Penguins on my pyjamas and thinking I could do with some new slippers 😜 Arowyn got back in the car, I turned the ignition and – nothing.  I tried again – bloody car was dead 😨 I felt in my dressing gown pocket – no phone – just a chocolate coin, probably left over from Christmas morning!

I sat and pondered what to do – we could eat the popcorn and wait for Jeff to miss us but it could be a long wait!  In the end I made Arowyn run home in the rain and get Jeff.  I just thank my lucky stars I had Arowyn with me – had it just been me and Lana I would have had to walk back home in my pyjamas and slippers – with Lana on my back – cos she had no shoes on – she rocks like that too 😜



16 thoughts on “From hero to zero …..

  1. Oh… 😀 This made me laugh (sorry)… But I am amazed that you can do this. I barely put my phone down more than a couple of feet away from me… ever! I even have a spot for it in the kitchen while I cook. I have a problem. 🙂

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  2. This was really funny! 🙂 To think we grew up with only landlines (so either people didn’t have this need to get in touch, or we just didn’t notice the inconvenience) but now it’s unimaginable to think of going even a day without a cell phone!

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