Anything goes 👫 👬 👭 ❤️

So 3rd born returned from school, happy as Larry, with no signs of whatever pained her this morning 😄

Meanwhile 4th born comes home with a declaration of love from a classmate.  I’m guessing with it being Leap Year and all that.

The declaration of love, which was a little note saying “I love you” was given to Lana by a little girl – a little girl, who thinks Lana is a little boy – Lana thinks she’s a little boy – but she is infact a little girl – love can be very confusing at times ❤️

Happy Leap Year – I hope all your declarations of love are reciprocated too!


25 thoughts on “Anything goes 👫 👬 👭 ❤️

  1. Damn! I forgot all about the leap year proposal legend. Should have proposed to Derek Sheherd today! DAMN! Then again, he is dead anyway. 😛

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      1. It will give me time to decide if I want a relationship as well. I rather enjoy being single. Alone doesn’t mean lonely or incomplete. I’ll keep an eye out though just in case 🙂

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      2. I am actually considering a move to Ireland! That would me closer to you in terms of time zones. :)You can take holidays from your family and come for visits, then be totally free for a while.

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      3. It would be a huge one but even though I grew up in the states, Ireland has felt like home. I’ve been looking in the Coote Hill area and I did find a nice house that I could see myself living in.

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