Quilt or Duvet?

In our household we always say Quilt not Duvet. Β I’m not sure what is correct – probably doesn’t matter.

When Lana progressed from our bed to her “big girls” bed I treated her to some new bedding, including a new quilt cover.

She was snuggled up in her bed, under her new quilt cover, when one of my sons girlfriends came over

“Lana, you have a new duvet cover – how lovely” πŸ˜€

Lana looked abit perplexed. Β I gave her a kiss goodnight and she whispered “It’s a quilt cover isn’t it Mommy? Β She called it a Quooovey” πŸ˜„


9 thoughts on “Quilt or Duvet?

  1. We call the feather filled blankets duvet’s and we call any other blanket a quilt/blanket. Here in Canada, usually a quilt is referred to something someone makes from various squares of fabric =)

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  2. That’s so cute! I agree with Meagan (since I’m also Canadian) that quilt and duvet are two different things. Duvet the feather filled blankets, comforters are down filled blankets, and quilts are country style blankets (typically made with different squares of fabric but nowadays many are all one colour). That’s how I’ve always known them anyhow πŸ™‚

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