Real men and quiche


Someone posted a photo of a magnificent quiche they had made.  I looked at it and though “yeah I could do that” 😄 Off I trotted and bought all the ingredients for my pastry and filling ………

“I was intending to make you a home made quiche for dinner tonight” I said to Jeff “but I then realised I didn’t have a flan dish to make it in”😳

“Phew that was lucky” he replied 😳




14 thoughts on “Real men and quiche

  1. ahaha.. so the funny bone runs in the family. Wish I had a husband as funny as Jeff. Wait, wish I had a husband. 😛 Wish I ever have a husband. Wish I have a husband as funny as Jeff.
    That’s a lot of wishes. Wish I could be a man, instead.I would be the perfect man to myself.
    Wait, that sounds quite twisted. I take all of that back. 😉

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  2. I always use a regular pie dish or a round cake pan. I am not going to buy a special dish just so I can call something a quiche. I wanted to let you know I cleaned the guys room and found upwards of $5.00 in change and a lot of dishware that I thought was gone for good. 🙂 WIN!!!

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