Petition: Shut down the page of the “men’s right activists” who want to legalize rape

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Today I came across this petition. I recently learned about these “men’s rights activists” and it makes me sick. The things he says are horrible and I couldn’t read his blog. I had to protect myself from him as a multiple rape victim. Not reading his ‘diary’ doesn’t mean that I’m turning a blind eye and I keep up-to-date with news articles. I hope everyone will sign this petition, not just women but also men. It is against the policy of Facebook and against human rights.

You can find the petition here.

“You may have heard recently about Roosh Valizadeh — the men’s rights activist who argues that rape should be legalised. Roosh recently planned several meetups for likeminded men in communities around the globe. Thankfully, the gatherings have since been cancelled due in large part to the widespread backlash from women’s rights proponents. But the work is far from done…

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5 thoughts on “Petition: Shut down the page of the “men’s right activists” who want to legalize rape

  1. This utter scum of a human tried to have a get together at a shopping mall near us. Our city Mayor, police force and an abundance of both male and female citizens all voiced a continuous “You are not welcome”. While it is horrid that people like that exist, it really made me feel hopeful that our society in general is against them and for the protection and equal rights of everyone.

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