“I need a knife”😳

“Mom, I need a knife” shrieks 4th born

“What on earth for?” I shriek back

“For my toe nails” 😫

FFS child – what have you got on the end of your toes? Β Talons?

I honestly couldn’t make it up …… 😜


12 thoughts on ““I need a knife”😳

    1. Oh absolutely no polish on this one’s nails – this gorgeous daughter of mine had her beautiful long blonde hair cut into almost a crew cut, wears boxer shorts and boys clothes and is so confident in her image – she’s a character and a half πŸ˜„

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      1. I can already tell that from perusing your blog. She’s a good one! One thing that I can tell you — many an evening have I been shoo’d out of my daughter’s bedroom while she and my wife have a nail painting party. I walk in, they have those foam toe separator things on, and I just walk out!

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