Finders, keepers πŸ˜‰

My two eldest sons still have to share a bedroom. Β This is no mean feat seeing as they are adults – not little boys with toys.

I very rarely venture into their hovel – it’s usually dark with no floor space and to be honest I’m afraid I may find a “person” hidden under a pile of clothes 😳

I confess I still peek around their door after they’ve had a night out – I still like to check they’ve both found their way home again. Β I’ve found bodies that don’t belong to me curled up in a bed on various occasions πŸ˜„

But every now and again I decide to give their room a good spring clean. Β Folk are amazed and say to me “they are adults, why are you cleaning their bedroom?”

Well I’ll tell you why: 3 nice lighters, a packet of biscuits, a new blue biro, a DVD I haven’t watched for ages, a packet of chewing gum and Β£4.75 – that’s why I clean their room πŸ˜„


17 thoughts on “Finders, keepers πŸ˜‰

  1. Man Caves have to have the well-lived-in look; kind of like a Jackson Pollock painting, in order to be a proper hibernation den for the masculine imagination station that we need to remind us of life’s adventures in the wild before society came along and neutered us… ha ha

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