I bloody hate swimming! 😳


One of my very first posts from when I still didn’t have any boobs 😄

I bloody hate swimming!  I think I`m mentally scarred from my teenage school days!

Swimming was always in the middle of the day, after you`d spent the morning applying your blue eyeshadow, flicking your hair into the latest Farah Fawcett Majors hair style and applying your Avon “Sweet Honesty” perfume.  You came out of the pool, rushing, so you`re not late for Double Maths, trying to pull your school uniform onto your still wet back, hair hanging down your neck like a load of rats tails, stinking of chlorine and eyes all red and bloodshot – looking like an extra from the Thriller video!

Course all this would have been worth it – had I had some boobs!  I was probably one of the last people in the school to grow a chest – well actually I`m still awaiting…

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16 thoughts on “I bloody hate swimming! 😳

  1. Along with writing I do music and art. And I’ve got to tell you, Lisa, your posts give me inspiration for those days I want to do caricatures and cartoons, instead of the serious stuff all the time. And after going back and reading the original of this post, which made me laugh, I’ve only got one problem… how to make the caricature not become x-rated. ha ha

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  2. You said ‘boobs’. You should not have said ‘boobs”. Guys can not read a blog that says ‘boobs’ and not focus on ‘boobs’. We don’t care if they are small ‘boobs’. They are ‘boobs’. We like ‘boobs’. We like it after our wife has kids, because ‘boobs’ become even more wonderful things after kids, although too many kids makes them kind of, well, ok… I still like ‘boobs’.

    My school didn’t have a pool, so gym class did not require the same adjustment. Sweat stink was my issue. Although, well, I did kind of like girls that smelled like chlorine. And ‘boobs’.

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