To whom it may concern ….


Please may I have one complete painfree day today – I am doing quite well at the moment šŸ˜„

I would like to claim the rest of today so I can spend some time with my lovely trolls, cook dinner and clean my house that looks like the aftermath of a drunken teenagers party. Ā I would like to hoover and steam my floor, put in some washing so we all have clean pants for tomorrow ā¤ļø

Please give me a day off from my Bastard Fucking Tooth pain – thank you šŸ˜³


8 thoughts on “To whom it may concern ….

    1. Aw thank you – I possibly have another 3 weeks till Gandalf gets pulled out in hospital – they just can’t get my pain meds right – I’m either “away with the fairies” on drugs or being sick cos they’re too strong – but today has been good so far šŸ˜Š

      Right off to clean my grubby floor šŸ˜Š have a good day folks xx


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