Cussing 😳

Do you get offended by bad language? Β Does it have an impact on what you’re reading? Does it give you an bad impression of someone? Β Do you think it makes someone appear less intelligent and unable to express themselves without the need to swear?

Personally it doesn’t trouble me and doesn’t give me any negative impressions – I tend to act like a naughty child when I hear and say the F word πŸ˜ƒ

I had a conversation with my in-laws the other night. Β They do read my blog and fortunately are broad-minded enough not to be offended by my language. Β As it happens I don’t swear generally, certainly not infront of the girls. Β Jeff and their older brothers, who all work in a predominantly male environment, all quite regularly swear – but I don’t πŸ˜‡

I guess this is my outlet and sometimes only the F word will do!

I hate bad language on children and I have never heard my girls utter any profanities – we’ll certainly not infront of us. Β I sometimes imagine them going into school, seeing their teacher and saying “how the fuck you doing Miss?” “We’re not doing those bastard fractions again are we?” 😳


58 thoughts on “Cussing 😳

  1. There are times when I hear people cussing and think “Is this the time or place?” I do my best to aviod the more harsh language but I have been known to let the occasional F bomb fly. Sometimes it is the most appropriate reaction. πŸ™‚

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  2. This made me laugh so hard!!!!! As a school teacher, I was so used to censoring myself at work and letting it fly at home! After having my daughter it has changed everything lol. I have finally, after 4 months weeded the f word out of my speaking vocabulary but good god it has taken over my writing lol. I am working on balance! But omg! The part about “how the fuck are you today miss?” I am dying!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  3. I don’t think any word is automatically bad; it is the intent of the heart and how it is used that brings any negative connotation to the word. As a Christian, I get judged (by both Christians and non-Christians) for using so-called swear words in my creative writing; but it is done either for realism of characters, or even humor, without any ill-intent. So I don’t let their prudish and often unrealistic opinions have any sway in my writing style whatsoever. Screw them if they can’t take a joke: ha ha

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  4. I have to admit that in general I do not like swearing, nor do I want to read it. That being said, I’m not going to stop reading a blog just because it has the odd swear word in it. I would probably stop reading it if it was heavily riddled with it. And I will not pretend to be some innocent angel that has never uttered a bad word, of course I have, but I do try my best not to. I will say that the one that bothers me the most is the use of the b**** word as a term of “affection”. I feel that there is no innocent way to call anyone a b****, just as there is no innocent way to tell some to f*** off.

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    1. I can’t say I would ever use that word as a term of affection 😊 it’s interesting to have other people’s views on swearing – I never never say the “C” word and would never want it said in front of me – I do like the “F” word though 😁

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  5. Ever swear in front of the kids by accident? I have an almost 2 year old and I’ve caught myself (or my wife caught me) a couple of times. But so far no repeating of the language by the babe.

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    1. Ah when my eldest daughter was about 2 she got her hands on a pot of Sudocreme – nappy cream – and plastered herself from head to toe – I could hardly pick her up, she was so slippery – I remember just saying “oh shit, shit, shit, shit” as I tried cleaning her up – she then repeated it to me! I spent the rest of the day reading story after story to make her forget her new word – spent so long reading I had no dinner ready – heard Jeff pull up on the driveway and said “oh shit, daddy’s home” 😨😨

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  6. I’m kind of on the fence about cursing. I personally don’t swear very often, and when I do it’s usually in my head and not out loud. Sometimes I take offence to it when others swear, but it depends on the situation. If that’s all someone is going to say then I tend to not listen? The occasional swear is fine. When I used to be a supervisor in the food industry, I had to train my teenagers not to swear. After a few days of jokingly saying “whoa! Language guys!” They started censoring themselves – but that was a work environment, so i think it’s a little different than “real life”

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  7. Haha, this made me laugh. Sometimes only the F word will do! I do my best not to curse in front of my kids, and they know darn well not to let us catch them with a potty mouth, but on the rare occurrences I am not ‘momming’ I can have the foul mouth of a sailor. I don’t think it shows a lack of intelligence or even a lack of respect at least when adults know when to hold it back (say at church or the grandparents).

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  8. I am often known to enhance a sentence or two or three with some of these things called swear words. I find that as I get old I don’t get as offended as I did when I was a teenager. I stopped reading books because of it.


  9. That’s interesting – yes swearing can be used to intimidate – I actually swear less when angry – in fact my tone of voice goes quieter and slower – my swearing is usually done in a jovial manner 😁


  10. I have been known to swear like a ‘long-shoreman’ my ex husband used to say. But I tend to keep my blog clean. It’s just not something I have done there. But they say the real ‘bad’ words aren’t swear words, they are words that are used to hurt people, and those I will not repeat here…..but they usually involve labeling people in some way.

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  11. Ah the contradictory world of cussing. You nailed it. I cuss around my friends and sometimes drop the f bomb in my writing because it feels right at the time but if my children dare say anything slightly cussy I’m horrified. At least your honest. πŸ™‚

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