School Photographs :)

Just been having a sort out of old photographs and I come across a lot of old school photos.  School photographs – how bloody hit and miss can they be!

I do believe that School Photographers are getting better and taking just that little bit more time over taking the photos.  But there was a time when it seemed to be just a conveyor belt of “next – click” “next – click” without any kind of thought behind whether the photo looked any bloody good or not.

My bug bear has always been the fact that the school photos always come out just before Christmas – and all grandparents love to have those photos, in a nice little frame, just in time for Christmas.  The Photographer seems to know this and as a consequence seems to think you will buy the multi-pack of shitty photos, just because its your darling child in those shitty photos.

Now Jeff`s parents live in South Africa so they are limited to seeing their grandchildren only once every couple of years and a blurry image on Skype, about once a fortnight, where the girls inevitably seem to bugger about and show off and make us look like incompetent parents 🙂

Now for some reason 4th born cannot and will not make any effort to smile and look nice in any photo.  She always has to pull a stupid face, like this:


On the very first year of both the girls being at Primary School I was so looking forward to having their “first” school photograph together – eagerly I awaited for it, so I could pop one in the post to their Grandparents.

This is what my gorgeous 3rd born looked like …….



and then there was this one!!!!!!!

My little chipmunk Ha!


Even from a young age she had to pull a daft face 😄😄😄


14 thoughts on “School Photographs :)

  1. I see lots of character in these children of yours and from the style of your posts sense a lot if this comes from you. It’s true about the whole conveyor belt photograph system -there is not one school picture I can remember of me that I liked and even now I am an adult I still think they look crap.

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  2. Even when I get reminded of the teachers-
    if the pictures of my children look like sh.t, I don’t buy them!!!
    Recently they even have taken pictures of Cailleach though I didn’t give any permission and of course it wasn’t a nice one at all!
    Sorry, but no nice pic, no purchase!

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      1. Cailleach is gaelic and actually means “girl”… I heard that name the first time in a book while I was pregnant…
        It is pronounced “K-lech” with a longer e. I love the name but husband is always a bit uncomfortable because people often ask how to pronounce it (school etc.) but that is fine with me…

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