auto correct πŸ˜„

Good old Facebook – showing you your memories of this day on various years.

Today it was a rather poignant one for me:

“Sat next to my Mom as she dozes, she seems so tiny in this hospital bed.

Time seems meaningless – I just sit here watching this beautiful lady with every memory going through my mind – a little girl with a yellow duster flits in my memories – walking up Watlington Hills with the dog – climbing trees – getting into her warm bed and snuggling next to the most loved Mommy

Everything I am – I owe to her”

I then had a flick through all the messages of love and support I had received at that time.

What made me roar with laughter was a message from a dear friend who wrote “a huge hygiene coming your way” πŸ˜„

She obviously meant “hug” but wonderful autocorrect decided otherwise!

Seeing as I was up the hospital round the clock I probably needed a huge hygiene more than a hug! 😜😜



20 thoughts on “auto correct πŸ˜„

      1. Ah Jacqueline the first 3 months of last year were so sad – to have a little light relief at this time was so needed 😊 I used to laugh when my mom used to think I was a visitor from Age Concern πŸ˜„ she always made us laugh our heads off – I miss her so much ❀ xx

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  1. Brilliant but not brilliant, if you know what `I mean. I once sent a message to a friend that should have read, ‘With love and hugs,’ what they received, ‘with love and HIV.’

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  2. Through the sadness there is always something to smile about! Sending you a hug and taking some hygiene for myself! 😊 Last year this time my mom was in hospital and now it’s my father-in-law’s turn… Your blog always lifts my spirits!

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  3. Always looking on the bright side πŸ™‚
    Even on what could have been only sad memories , you found love and laughs !
    I love how you always find something to smile about , and then make us smile with you πŸ™‚
    Turtle Hugs πŸ™‚

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    1. Do you know my lovely mom was such fun she always made the best of everything even when we had not two pennies to rub together. If I’m even half the mother she was – I would be happy 😊

      Thank you for your lovely comment and that turtle hug ❀

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