The Reunion

She was sat in the Foyer of the Hotel, a petite elderly lady. Her hair beautifully styled, her tiny hands twisting on her lap clearly showing her pretty pink nail polish, it was easy to notice that she had just reapplied a little perfume and powdered her nose.  There she sat, deliberately looking out of the window, almost as if she couldn’t bear to see anyone approaching.

I knew she was there, waiting, waiting for me.  I had waited 8 years for this moment.

I walked towards her, she turned, I held open my arms.  Her face crumpled and she began to cry.  I knelt on the floor beside her and wrapped my arms around her tiny frame.  She held me, stroking my hair, kissing my face and and softly whispered endearments to me

“You’re so beautiful” she said “I’ve never stopped thinking about you”

We both cried and held each other.

“I don’t know what to say to you” she said

“You don’t have to say anything” I reassured her “everything is fine”

“Did I do the right thing?”

“Yes” I smiled “yes you did”

She looked at me, holding my face in her hands and smiled

“You have your father’s eyes” ❤️


30 thoughts on “The Reunion

      1. I’ve been on both sides of the forgiveness equation more times than I care to remember.
        I live in Oregon in the Northwest, not in the East. We’ve had our share this winter, but nothing like they are getting it right now. And at the moment are weather is wet but not too bad. Thanks for asking.

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      2. One of the reasons I love the Northwest is because we get all 4 seasons (instead of growing up in California where we seemed to only get two: hot or rainy). So I love the snow, just not like the East is getting it. That’s too much, too fast. Although, when I lived in Alaska I was quite use to it. But I was younger then.


      3. Our country comes to a grinding halt with a few inches of snow 😁 kids love it! Not so great when trying to get to work or home again – we’ve escaped so far this year with just one day of snow. Jeff loves it when it snows – he grew up in south Africa so very much a novelty for him 😊


      4. That’s usually what happens in the southern states here in the US, because they rarely get it as well. But we rarely grind to a halt. If we did we would lose too many days of work or school (which I’m sure the kids wouldn’t mind… but they usually only get a couple hour delay before having to be there).
        South Africa, wow, how long did it take him to adjust to the climate? And are you in a part of England that gets all that fog we hear about over here?


      5. Jeff’s father is English so he was able to live in either country, he came here about 15 years ago, he hates the cold but more opportunities for him in England. I love south Africa, love the heat and the people but don’t think we would ever uproot.

        Being in the Midlands we get some fog but nothing too serious – our bad weather tends to hit bad further up north, especially Scotland.

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      6. That’s interesting. Like most writers I love hearing about other peoples lives, and how their lives intersect and bring them from where they were to the present (and hopefully lead to them to a satisfying future). I’m glad you found each other and made such a wonderful family (so all us followers can now enjoy through your posts).

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