The Vikings attack!

I thought I would share an extract from a story that 3rd born wrote last year whilst learning about the Vikings πŸ˜„

The Vikings were invading the village, everyone was running to escape them, including my Dad and all of my family.

Only one person was brave enough to stay at fight – my Mom πŸ˜„

I shouted for her to run – to save herself – she refused (how brave)

The Vikings took her from behind – it wasn’t pritty 😱

I bet her teacher had a field day in the staff room with this!





20 thoughts on “The Vikings attack!

      1. Yep, it was a great career. And when I wasn’t filming or on tour doing live shows I got to do volunteer shows at schools (and other places): including taking my stunt pony and rescuing damsels in distress. Although that was always with western themes. Never did a Viking show.
        It’s a shame you would opt out of the hero part. Gee! Just think of all that exposure. Ha ha

        PS: There is an earlier post on my blog called “Freelance Stuntman on the Western Fringe” where you can see my favorite horse and some stunt work I did (if you have a real interest, and are not just being polite, that is).

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