Still not looked ………. :)

My first day of “The No Mirror Challenge” was off to a fairly good start 😃

Although there was a dodgy moment first thing yesterday morning when I was summoned to the bathroom by Jeffrey.  Inching my way into the bathroom I very cleverly turned my back to the bathroom mirror before I asked what he wanted.  He was waving around his toothbrush and not looking very happy!

“What the fuck has happened to my toothbrush!” he declared!  I took a closer look – all the toothbrush bristles were chopped off – had to be the work of 4th born!   😂😂

I had to turn my back to him as a snorted and tried not to laugh – and as a consequence came face to face with the mirror – however, I’m going to let this one go and not count it as a failure because I didn’t have my contacts in and all I saw was a fuzzy shape – I did spot my red nose though, but nothing serious.

IMAG2347I just know it will get harder as the days go on – the bristles on my chin will need chopping off – another job for 4th born …………….

Have a good day folks 🙂


15 thoughts on “Still not looked ………. :)

  1. Oh, that was a close call. I couldn’t join in the challenge, I can’t manage my hair without my mirror-or so I believe. I’m living this one out through you guys.:-)

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    1. Hi Phil, I did a post a few days ok – Mirror, mirror, on the wall – have a read. We are attempting to last a week without looking in a mirror 😁 As for fixing the hair – by next Tuesday I will look like a scarecrow 😁


  2. This may be the most wonderful prank ever. Now, each time I go to a dinner party, I’m going to cut the bristles off the hosts’ toothbrushes! Totally hilarious.

    Also, it plays into my ultimate goal of attending fewer dinner parties!

    Thanks for the tip (even though I know that wasn’t the point).

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