Pay day – where are you???

I`ve been so bloody good the past week, using up all the contents of the fridge and freezer, using up all those dodgy tins that you normally leave for the donation to the Harvest Festival, cos you just know you are never going to eat tinned mince or luncheon meat – quite frankly I would rather eat my own toe nails!

But, needs must and all that – January is a tough month so it`s time to tighten your belts and make a few sacrifices to get through to pay day.

I`ve paid my penance for overspending in December and I’m really pleased and proud that I`ve managed to feed a family of 6, plus 2 doggies and a cat on next to nothing – well basically I haven’t cooked anything 😜

Jeffrey just rang “I’m going to be late back from work honey” he informed me “didn’t want dinner to be spoilt”

“bhahahahahahahahaha😄 What dinner is that then Jeff?”

How funny – my lovely husband lives in hope 😄

Now where the fuck is the Chinese Menu ………………


21 thoughts on “Pay day – where are you???

  1. I’ve, um, heard if you park next to the McDonald’s drive thru, when breakfast turns to lunch and when around 2am hits, they take unpurchased food out there to dispose. If I’m quick I can – I mean, if one is quick, one can sometimes get it while it is still warm.

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  2. This is not to bring you down. I promise that’s not my intent; but I would gladly trade places with you. I can, and often do eat out (and not fast food). It’s either that or stay home for another lonely meal. My wife passed a few years back, and my boys are in other states, so I yearn for the days of a packed house and many mouths to feed.
    However, as a writer, artist, and musician I’m a people watcher. So I find joy and inspiration going out to eat and watching others moving along at their hectic paces while a calmly sit back and reflect.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment and please believe me when I say I know how lucky I am xx if you’re ever visiting England come and join us for dinner – I promise you would be welcome xx


      1. Thank you for the response and invite. I haven’t been to England, but I do have relatives in Wales.

        You just keep making great memories with your lovely family, and sharing the upbeat posts with us lucky followers. God bless.

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      1. I love Chinese, really love it. I buy everything in 4’s, one for each week, but how often does anyone use a bottle of bleach in a week, so we always have 4, food wise (meat and fish) I am not sure how we managed that, but for the last week, we have been going through the tin stuff, padding it out, eating the leftovers from the freezer. I am now in a great place to defrost the freezer before starting again

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