My Last Will and Testament (well, for this week) :)

I’m reblogging one of my earliest posts – in case folk have forgotten what to do with me 😁


Births, Deaths and Marriages 🙂

We are all 100% guaranteed to experience at least two of these things in our lifetime, and when you think about it – the planning and preparation that goes into an imminent birth begins, usually, from conception, if not before.  The same goes for a marriage, where preparations usually take a lot bloody longer than a birth-plan.  And yet, when it comes to the third Taboo subject, Death, no one really wants to prepare and make plans.

You are wary of broaching the subject with dear old Auntie Mabel.  Asking “Have you done a Will yet?” is likely to result in a whack around the head with her walking stick and words to the effect of “money grabbing bastards, you not getting a penny” 🙂  When you talk about making a Will, everyone looks horrified, no one wants to talk about morbid things like dying – and yet its our final moment –…

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6 thoughts on “My Last Will and Testament (well, for this week) :)

  1. If you’re leaving your body intact, do you want to have the dresser shave you or leave the beard? You probably should specify. People will remember you with the beard, but you may prefer to be clean shaven. Just some advice.

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