I want a pet 😳

3rd born, aged 7 years

She wrapped her little arms around me and whispered “I would like a pet”

“We already have pets, we have a dog and a cat”

“Yes but Peppa belongs to you and Kiera belongs to Daddy.  I want my very own pet, just for me”

“What do you have in mind” I asked chuckling

“A little furry thing that lives in a cage, that I can hold and play with”

“I think it’s called a Giblet” 😄

Please note – This is not a Giblet – not appropriate to post photo of our Giblet as he has since died!



16 thoughts on “I want a pet 😳

  1. It is the same here, only that it is me, wrapping my arms around husband, whispering “…I really really neeeeeeeed a “wau-wau” (dog). A little french bulldog…just for my own…”
    And he replies, “we already have your stupid cat which costs way too much money…”

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  2. My 7-year-old niece ran a compelling, but ultimately fruitless, campaign for a dog over the holidays. My poor sister was almost undone by her daughter’s relentlessness. I think what saved the day was when good old auntie offered to let said niece come over and clean up after and care for my dog for a week; niece suddenly had a LOT of other things to do. I love kids!

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  3. its not my child that does this, its my partner, with the words. I want a ferret. We have two cats (who bring in way to much wildlife) a dog and a toddler (who lets face it is a toddler thus feral) why would I want an animal, that needs walking like the dog, hunts like the cats and stinks like the toddler

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