Introducing Kiera Gardiner🐱🐱

I`ve been enjoying looking at all the posts on httph:// and thought you may like this post 🙂

Introducing Kiera – she doesn’t feature that much on my blog or facebook, not because i don’t love her – but because she doesn’t like me very much, mainly because she has to share her “Human” with me!

Back off – he`s mine!


Anyone with a Siamese will know they tend to be fairly exclusive with sharing their love.  I bought Kiera for Jeff 12 years ago and they tend to be joined at the hip – or at other parts of their anatomy 😄

Hold on Dad, let me just wipe my arse!


Kiera joins jeff when he’s in the bathroom and very rarely sits on anyone else’s lap but his although in saying that Kiera took a very strong liking to 3rd born, probably intended to eat her when the opportunity arose – to avoid anyone else taking her “Human” away 🙂




20 thoughts on “Introducing Kiera Gardiner🐱🐱

    1. I’ll tell you exactly why cats prefer men – it’s because men very rarely move from the sofa once they arrive home from work – hence the cats are uninterrupted in their snoozing – us women are up and down like bloody yoyo’a so they never sit on our laps 😁

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