Embarrassed? Me? Never 😄

I read an article that said we should share our embarrassing moments, that they will no longer have the power to embarrass us once we laugh and share them 🙂 and prompted by https://theshamefulsheep.wordpress.com to do just that, here we are 🙂

We`ve all had those moments, those cringe-worthy, toe-curling moments, when we wish the ground would not only open up and us fall in, but wish the ground would then fill up so we don’t ever have to face anyone again 🙂

Well I have had many moments like this, to be honest I had many I could have shared with you – like the time last Winter when I slipped over and was pulled along the ice, on my arse, by a Jack Russell, in the middle of the playground.  I tried to make light of the situation, by saying “must lay off the lambrini this early in the morning” to the group of “trendy Mothers” who looked on, not in amusement, but in that turned up nose kinda way, they even adjusted their sunglasses, yep in December, you know the ones, and placed them on top of their highlighted locks and looked as if they actually believed I was pissed – I mean, come on, I never open the lambrini till at least 10.00 in the morning!

But this little beauty of a tale happened when I was moving house.  It was before Jeff and I even lived together, let alone had children together – I’m being very specific about when this happened as I know my in-laws sometimes read my blog, and I want them to be reassured that their Son is functioning on all cylinders and ……… Oh it will all become clear when you read what happened 🙂

Anyway, I was moving house and my Step-father had very kindly agreed to help, along with Jeff.  Now I must give you a clear picture of Step-father, he is a good soul who will help anyone – but – he is very straight-laced, not much of a sense of humour, very anal and pedantic about things being done properly, in a nutshell, not really a barrel of laughs.

We had the removal van parked outside the house, things were moving along nicely and I just had the last few bits and pieces to put in the van.  I went upstairs and realised I hadn`t emptied the drawers in the bedroom.  In my usual lazy way I just opened up bin bags and tipped all my undies, bras and everything into the bags.  Went down the stairs and casually threw the bags in the back of the van.  We stood for a moment, having a breather, when I heard a sound …….


“Shit, what`s that noise in the van?  Bloody hell, there`s a bumble bee in the van!” I could hear it buzzing away quite happily.  We all cocked our heads in the back of the van “Blimey” said Step-father “that sounds like the Queen Bee!”


“We`ll have to find it” I said “we can`t have a bumble bee in the van, it might sting us as we`re driving!”

I glanced over at Jeff, he was gesticulating behind Step-fathers back “No Lisa, its ok” he said “I don’t think there is a bumble bee in the van” he was nodding his head in a desperate, frantic way, trying not to laugh!

“Yes” I said, “there is, I can hear it buzzing” I hate to be wrong and along with Step-father starting chucking bin bags around trying to locate which bag the bumble bee was in ……….

“Got it” I said triumphantly “its coming from – this – bag – here!!!” the one I had emptied the contents of my bedroom drawer in …………………..

I gave the back a short sharp kick and sure enough the buzzing stopped – how lucky I managed to squash that bumble bee before step-father investigated contents of bag!

Not before the school run Ha!

20 thoughts on “Embarrassed? Me? Never 😄

  1. I love this story! I was once asked a hypothetical question… if my husband and I both met a tragic end together, whose parents would we want to clean out our house. We both, simultaneously, answered my parents. For the simple reason that… we’ll say my folks are a bit more open minded. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!!

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      1. I definitely agree. It’s good to know how to laugh at yourself. I’m seriously gonna write a post like this in the near future. Thanks for your inspiration! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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