Mindfulness Ha! 😜

Mindfulness – the state of being aware of the present moment – of just “being” in that moment.

Yeah I can do that, that would be good practice for me. Β To stop fretting about what’s going on tomorrow or next week, to stop over analysing situations that have happened. Β Recently I had to study dream intepretations to find out why I dreamt about a chimpanzee called Colin, the dream intepretation told me that dreaming about a chimpanzee means I am over analysing situations – I’m now over analysing why I dreamt about a chimpanzee called Colin – who is Colin? Β I don’t know anyone called Colin – I don’t actually know any chimpanzees either 😳

Anyway, back to mindfulness ……… I get into bed to grab a couple of hours sleep before my nightshift – I’m really trying to get away from the washing up from a roast dinner Ha!

I snuggled into bed, all cosy and warm but my mind is so busy!

“January is such a shit month” says my busy mind “completely broke till pay day aren’t we”

“Shut up” I mutter “I’m not going to think about that now”

“Umm, it’s gonna be a toughy, we don’t have any peanut butter for 3rd borns toast in the morning”

“Doesn’t matter, she can have cereal instead”

“She’s not going to fall for you telling her those Bran Flakes are chocolate covered cornflakes you know”

“Fuck Off – I need to sleep – she can have porridge, we do have porridge”

“Ah, but do we have enough milk?”

Ohhhh is that Jeff pottering around in the kitchen, perhaps he will do the washing up πŸ˜‹

“I think we’ve run out of washing up liquid”

“Bollocks, you’re right”

“Shit, that means no back up for shampoo, cos that will run out soon too”

“Stop it right there! Β I’m going to sleep – shut up!”

Mindfulness – I am here, I am warm in my bed, I have a bed! Β I am safe, I am loved, I have a family and a home ………..

“You might be homeless if you don’t pay the mortgage at the end of the month though – January is such a shit month isn’t it?”



19 thoughts on “Mindfulness Ha! 😜

  1. Sorry to hear that other folks have minds that will not shut up too — I guess that’s what Irish whiskey is for (in moderation of course). Funny post! I wonder why dreaming of a chimp means you are over analyzing stuff… you need to stop monkeying around.

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    1. From another gal that suffers from insomnia I have to interrupt to say the only thing worse than a voice in your head at 3 in the morning that won’t shut up, is a drunk voice in your head that won’t shut up. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Trying to shut up my mind is like trying to turn off a leaky faucet. This hit so true to home. I will find myself, after telling my brain to “shut up”, lying there, with these thoughts being to surface, in a very small whisper, “wow, I’m doing a pretty good job!” Then the bomb hits, and I realize -I am thinking again. Loved this!


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