First day Shenanigans

The day arrived for the first day back at school.  I was rather amazed to find both girls awake when I returned from nightshift – I fully expected I would need a bulldozer to get them out of bed!  They weren’t dressed of course – but that was possibly my fault as I hadn’t ironed their school shirts, I’ve only had two weeks to do it so I think I can be forgiven!

Bright eyed and bushy tailed!


There they stood at the door – in their little smart uniforms, hair neatly tied up, a jaunty high pony for 3rd born, looking beautiful – a slick gelled look for 4th born, looking like a member of One Direction! Clean shiny faces and shiny shoes – Ok I’m getting carried away now and telling lies about the shoes – do people really clean shoes?  A quick wipe over with a baby wipe is my limit!


I stood at the door to wave them off proudly – getting a whiff of something that smelt suspiciously like my Chanel No 5 – obviously from 3rd born – 4th born just smells of her traditional Lynx spray!  I will kill her if she’s wearing my perfume!  1st and 2nd born brought me that for my birthday last year – well, I actually brought it for myself and added the cost onto their housekeeping – I’m thoughtful like that, saved them trudging around the shops to buy me something.  I must confess as I waved the girls off, there was a little lump in my throat, a few tears leaked out – who was going to empty the dishwasher and do the hoovering now they were back at school 😜

I soon recovered from the trauma of saying goodbye, I kicked off my slippers, remote control in one hand, cup of tea in the other – now then Mr Kyle, where were we …….

The other lovely thing that happened was 1st and 2nd born returned from China.  Was so lovely to have all my chickies back under one roof.  They had a good time, obviously missed my cooking …………

The only fly in the ointment was 1st born`s suitcase going AWOL to another country – I had a sneaky suspicion that 3rd born had something to do with that – she had such a lovely time moving into his bedroom, I think she wanted to make it a permanent thing – her thinking – no suitcase, no home!  The suitcase was delivered back yesterday.  Before it arrived 1st born moaned “I bet it comes back with a wheel missing or something” Jeff signed for the suitcase and came up the stairs “the suitcase has a wheel missing” he announced.  I’m now thinking that 1st born could be a direct descendent of Nostradamus or possibly Derek Akorah ……………

Girls have settled back at school now.  3rd born tells me she has asked a boy out at Scouts – you go girl I thought proudly, till she told me she wrote him a letter!!!!  No No No – I thought, no letter, no proof.   The decision is now in his hands till Scouts next week.



4th born tells me her and her beau Tristan AKA “Tripe” have decided that when they marry they are going to adopt “something” not necessarily a baby!!  So that should be interesting 🙂

Have a good day folks!


8 thoughts on “First day Shenanigans

  1. ROFL ! once again !!! Thanks, Lisa. to you and your kids for such entertaining moments. i wish i your skills to find humour in everything and not just in the idea of going for an evening walk. 😀

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