Happy New Year Jeffrey :)

A little Happy New Year to my Jeffrey  I know he unwittingly bears the brunt of my humour sometimes – well, most days actually – but he takes it all in his usual calm laid-back manner – well I’m sure he would if he knew about it but seeing as he never goes on Facebook or on here – all is good 😁😁

I promise to carry on in my own merry way this coming year and I will try not to nag so much – providing you finish the diy jobs you started in 2005 😁

I will try not to be sarcastic and tell you if anything happened to me – our children would be taken into care – just cos 3rd born has tangles in her hair whilst I’m at work – I know you do a fantastic job of looking after them – cos they told me you have taught them to cook a full roast dinner and they know how to climb out of windows whilst you’re playing Fifa – all good life skills 😄😄


I bloody love you Jeffrey, I hope the following year brings us even more happiness and love x

P.s. love doesn’t necessarily mean more sex – you need to decorate first 🙂



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