Rules of the household :)

We all know that in every household there has to be “rules”- like replacing the loo rolls, putting the lid on the toothpaste, hanging towels back up – these, incidentally, are Jeff`s “rules” which no-one takes any notice of πŸ™‚ Mine, however, are a whole different ball game, and god forbid if you mess with my rules πŸ™‚

Both Jeff and I work bloody hard, full-time, so we do share a lot of the household jobs – he`s in charge of keeping the toilet seat warm on his return from work and then progresses to chiefΒ sofa warmer during an evening πŸ™‚ The lion`s share of the cleaning, looking after the girls, organising school uniforms, washing and ironing etc., is my domain – you may have noticed I missed out cooking – I do that too – but quite badly, I’m very lucky that Jeff is so grateful to have something/anything cooked for him he never complains and eats everything put in front of him – on his warming sofa, of course πŸ™‚

Listening toΒ him this morning, hunting for clean pants and socks reminded me of a few years ago when he broke one of my “rules” Ha!

One major rule of the household is that Jeff HAS to put petrol in the car for me.Β  I can and have done it but I have a complete phobia about it – I don’t know why, I’m always worried which side the tank is on, always get it wrong, always go over what I intended to put in there, worried my bank card will be rejected and I`ve effectively “stolen” petrol with no means to pay – all irrational but it`s not “my thing”.Β  So that is top of Jeff`s jobs to do.Β  One night I wasΒ about to leave to a nightshift, I said the usual “is there petrol in the car?” “there should be” Jeff replied!!!!Β  WHAT DO YOU MEAN – THERE SHOULD BE!!!! ARRRRRHHHHH!

This resulted in me having a meltdown listing off all the possible sceneriosΒ that could happen if I ran out of petrol.Β  Off I stropped to work – incidentally, there was more than enough to get me there – but – not the point folks, not the fucking point πŸ™‚

The next morning I returned and whilst he was in the shower, I removed his drawer containing all his pants and socks and hid them πŸ™‚

Out of the shower he came to get dressed …………… He wasn’t impressed and was putting on a fine show of dancing around butt naked telling me he would late for work bla bla bla.Β  I stood there chuckling and informed him that if he didn’t supply me with petrol, I wouldn`t supply him with clean pants and socks πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ He eventually found his drawer, hidden in the boys room and he`s been pretty good about the petrol situation since then πŸ™‚

I introduced him to an old friend of mine recently, she said “Commiserations Jeff” on being married to me – how rude!!!IMAG1112




23 thoughts on “Rules of the household :)

  1. At ours, I have to do everything except of ironing. The main reason is that he has to iron his uniforms, that there is a specific way the army wants it.
    Every time he irons his uniform I wonder where “the special” way is as it would look exactly the same when I would do it, only that I would do get the job done in half of the time it takes him!!!

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  2. pretty effective way to teach him a lesson. I’m sure the petrol tank would never be left empty after this, neither would he ever say “it should be!” again. he better well be damn sure πŸ˜€

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  3. Brilliant. We are the same. He refuses to help so I just stop doing all the little things for him. He soon starts helping again! His job is the washing up – so he’s pretty good at that now but he still gets annoyed when it piles up – even though it’s his one and only job! He does do his own ironing though. I don’t iron anything – I won’t even buy it if I think it will need ironing. X

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