Disappointed fairy – with a broken wing πŸ˜‹

In bed and trying to grab a couple of hours sleep before a nightshift this evening, I felt a sharp prod between the shoulders “Don’t wake me up!”😑 I growled at 3rd born – I knew who it was before I opened my eyes – she’s the only one brave (or daft) enough to attempt to wake meπŸ˜•

“This is really important” she said, prodding again to be sure she had my attention.

I opened one dangerous eye and looked at her “This better be good” I muttered, looking for a cup of tea she surely would have brought upstairs as a peace offering for waking me 😜 nope, no bloody tea either 😳

“I found something in your dressing gown pocket” she said accusingly😳

I wracked my befuddled head, wtf is in my dressing gown pocket? Β Oh shit, I remembered the trio Bounty bar I’d eaten for breakfast, wrapper as evidence that I had eaten chocolate without sharing – I started thinking excuses along the lines of sugar levels dropped drastically this morning, thought I was going to faint, only thing to hand was trio bounty bar ……….. but – nope – it looked more serious than that 😐

She held out her hand – and there, shining brightly, was the offending tooth from last night that I had lost – phew is that all – surely it should be sighs of relief all round, but then I remembered my tooth fairy mantra …

Instead of just saying “brush your bloody teeth properly otherwise they will fall out and you will look like a reject from the Jeremy Kyle Show”😳 I have to spout out a tale of rejection and disappointment from the tooth fairy which goes along the lines of “if you don’t brush your teeth properly, the tooth fairy won’t take your tooth, she will leave it behind, you won’t get any pennies, she can’t build a castle with a tooth which isn’t shiny and bright bla bla bla bla ………..

So now as a consequence my dear sweet little child believes her tooth was rejected. Β So what do I say to that? Β What I should have said was “I’m sorry, it was my fault, I misplaced it last night, we’ll put in under your pillow tonight”

What I actually said was “Well, the poor little fairy tried to get into your room last night, but seeing as it was such a mess with books and clothes all over the floor, she tripped over, snapped off a wing and had to fly lopsided across the landing, crashed into the bookcase, got chased by the cat and dropped your tooth! Β Lucky for you that I found it and put it safely in my dressing gown pocket πŸ˜ƒ however the fairy will probably now tell Santa to get Health and Safety involved before he visits, so you better go and clear up your room πŸ˜ƒ – I then rolled over and went back to sleep 😴😴😴

I think I blagged it ok πŸ˜€




16 thoughts on “Disappointed fairy – with a broken wing πŸ˜‹

  1. This is so funny. I love it!

    We had a tooth fairy mishap one night. My poor daughter — I felt awful! We forgot that she had a tooth under her pillow, and when she awoke and found only the tooth still there, she was in tears! I felt like a horrible parent!

    I quickly said… “oh honey, she must have had a lot of teeth to collect last night and she didn’t make it before sunrise. And you know, you were fighting us last night about bedtime, so maybe she tried to come early but you were still awake! I’m sure she’ll come tonight.”

    How’d I do? πŸ™‚

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  2. Very funny! You have to have a lot of imagination to come up with a convincing excuse like that! I bet your daughter went back to clean her room to allow the fairy in next night. Two birds hit with one arrow!

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