Missing tooth, missing fairies and wedding concern

Shit, shit, shit – 3rd born has waited patiently for days for her one remaining tooth to fall out – the patience ran out this morning and she yanked it out instead – its only because she wants money from the tooth fairy, which personally I doubt she believes in anymore 🙂  honestly, given the opportunity this child of mine would sell a kidney for money!  I`ve gone and lost the bloody thing!!!  The commotion that will create this evening has me reaching for pliers to pull one of my own out to compensate!

Talking of fairies, that lazy little bitch of an ironing fairy, hasn’t shown her lazy little fairy arse for days – I’m going to pull her wings out when I catch her – that will stop her nonsense!

Lastly, 4rd born is fretting about something completely different.  She is concerned that she doesn’t know how to “smoochy dance” with her beau on their wedding day 🙂 she assures me she`s confident about the rock music dancing but smooching???  This is a genuine concern.  She`s 7 years old 🙂

Anyway happy Wednesday folks – I hope you are all putting up your Christmas Trees – just so I can tell Jeffrey we`re the odd ones out 🙂




10 thoughts on “Missing tooth, missing fairies and wedding concern

    1. 1st of December for me usually 🙂 By the time Christmas is here, its falling down and very bedraggled. My reasoning is I don’t feel I have to dust and polish with Christmas Tree up – ummm, should have it up all year round 🙂


  1. Just checked Google Santa tracker n he’s still in his hols – but Rudolph n the Elves are getting bit stressed out. So our Xmas tree n house lights being done Saturday – don’t want to tip the Elves over the edge by being any later lol 🙂


    1. Ah Eric, your boys will need to learn how to smooch too 😄 also, depending on their ages, they will,want to know why their willies turn into giraffes sometimes – I have 2 sons also, I’ve been there 😄 the questions are not easier 😄😄😄😄

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