Riverdance – the final

Riverdance Selfie πŸ™‚


I knew this photo would pop up on my “Facebook Memories” any time soon – I was dreading it – I knew it would make me cry and I don’t want to cry now.

This photo was me and my lovely Mom at Riverdance last November.Β  For as long as I could remember, Riverdance was our shared love, something that had been on our bucket list for such a long time.

She was so bloody excited to be going – as was I πŸ™‚Β  As soon as the music started, I began to well up with happiness, as soon as her little legs began to jig around in her wheelchair, the tears began πŸ™‚

She rocked her wheelchair till she nearly dislodged the brakes and zoomed down the Theatre aisle to join them on the stage.Β  Her painful arthritic hands clapped together, she sang, she cheered and generally behaved like a 12 year old at a One Direction concert πŸ™‚

We left the Theatre with the music ringing in our ears.

This was to be my last special outing with her.Β  Five weeks later she was admitted to hospital.Β  We played Riverdance at the hospital.Β  I hoped she would remember the joy of that evening.

She never came home again and left us on 21 March 2015.

The next time I heard Riverdance was at her funeral.Β  I held everyone up from leaving the Service, I wanted to ensure she heard it all one final time, wherever she was.

I haven’t listened to it since that day last March, but I will, one day, and remember that beautiful memory of our last performance πŸ™‚

Love and miss you xx

6 thoughts on “Riverdance – the final

  1. No one can take the place of a mother and you have had the good fortune to be with her at Riverdance which you both love! It should make you feel so happy that you both could enjoy so much before death took her away, that too only a short while before. You can cherish these happy memories all your life and I am sure you will play it one day very soon and remember her with tears of joy and not sorrow!


  2. This post made me tear up. My mom died almost 15 years ago and I am still caught off guard at times – someone will give me a hug and they smell like she did – a song will come on that I either have to jump up and shut off or spend several minutes crying like a girl (?) – one of my sisters will show up or call and look or sound just like her. Good heavens. I don’t think you ever get over losing your parents. I’m so sorry for you loss and I’m glad you made everyone wait to leave her service until after her song was done playing. At my mom’s service, we played “The Parting Glass” – a favorite of hers. I still have a hard time listening to it without crying. I am really enjoying reading you blog – you are a funny gal!

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    1. I’m sorry for your loss – I believe you when you say you never really recover, just adapt to a life without them x and yes a smell or a song instantly transports you back to them. Thank you for your kind words x have a good day 😊


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