Pain in the Arse Day – sorry – World Book Day!

Yeah yeah I know its all for a good cause and all that and bloody great fun for the kids to dress up instead of wearing boring school uniform, but, really?

“Dress up as your favourite Super Hero, Cartoon Character, Story Book Character bla bla bla!”  This is all well and good if you:

a)  have the creative touch and are one of those mothers who can whip up a costume with a piece of old sheet – I can’t!

b)  have some imagination and be really enthusiastic about the whole bloody thing – I’m not!

c)  have a cupboard – full to the brim with glitter, face-paints and all kinds of shit like that – I do – but its called the Kitchen!


I`ve just done an 8 hour nightshift – I walk in the door to Kiera the spoilt pampered Siamese (the love of Jeff`s life) wailing like a banshee for food – have you heard a Siamese cry? they are like new-born babies desperate to be breast-fed!  Peppa the Jack Russell permanently under my feet, in case, just in case, I walk out the door for a dog walk – minus the bloody dog!  Sandwiches to be made, ensure girls have everything they need in their bags, Jeffrey yelling for loo rolls and then, just then, they give it to me with two barrels “Mom, we`re dressing up today – I’m going as Mrs Doubtfire and Lana is going as Superman”

Arrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! and when exactly did you intend to tell me about this?

“There`s a letter in the bottom of my school bag” replies 3rd born ………………..

I reply sweetly “I only have half an hour to get you ready for school, I don`t have time to make a costume in half an hour”

When really I want to scream “For fucks sake!! I’m not a fucking mind reader, I don`t have fucking x-ray eyes to look through your school bag!!!”

Anyway the end result was 3rd born wearing her scout uniform – she`s Russell from UP 🙂 and fourth born wearing a pair of glasses – she`s Clark Kent!  They`re chuffed to bits 🙂 I’m a bloody genius – in fact I should be on Art Attack or Blue Peter 🙂 🙂


21 thoughts on “Pain in the Arse Day – sorry – World Book Day!

  1. You must be my long lost and not knowing that you exist twin!!!
    Our cat (Main-Coon) screams the hole neighborhood up, until someone opens the door for her!
    And this morning when I got Nr. 1 + Nr. 2 out of the house, Nr. 3 ready in her kitty costume and Nr. 4 in his buggy, we went out but didn’t make it far, as it was storming and raining that bad… sure we could have made the 1.5 miles, probably soaking… but I decided, that we stay at home. Where it is nice and warm… good for me that little Miss Mouse is only in FS1…

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  2. I know. We had 3 Days notice for super hero children in need day. Do they not realise how quickly costumes sell out! I sent mine in their normal clothes. X


  3. Also, “we have shared lunch today” AKA all the parents come along (because their kids told them a week ago, so they didn’t book any meetings or presentations) and you all judge the nutritional value and artistic merit of each others contributions.


  4. I understand the frustration. I don’t think the US has a world book day but I certainly had more than one last minute “Oh by the way Mom” moments when my son was young and in school. You pulled it off like a champ!!

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