Glass of wine and a log fire – my arse πŸ˜„

There’s folk on Facebook putting up lovely photos of a glass of wine and a log fire “Time to Relax” says the soothing status.

Meanwhile there’s me – trudging around fucking Aldi with Jeffrey and offspring, who are busy putting all kinds of crap in the trolley – including a Spider-Man blow up mattress – ffs Lana Gardiner 😁 there’s Jeffrey sneaking in a wall sander – telling me this will make it much easier for him to sand down more of my house and then STOP the DIY ……

We get to the till where Jeffrey proceeds to moan about “Aldi’s inefficiency” and causes a backlog of customers because he stubbornly tries to pack the shopping as the cashier launches the bananas and tins of tuna at him – I didn’t Β blame her either in fact I threw a box of fish fingers at him myself πŸ˜„

We get home and I try to pack away the bloody shopping before it gets eaten by aforementioned offspring – falling over a fucking Spider-Man blow up mattress …………

I then cook tea – well a burger in a bun cos its late! Β Get the girls ready for bed “No I won’t blow up fucking Spiderman mattress Lana Gardiner” 😱😱😱😱

I then put a load of washing in the machine – falling backwards over a whimpering Jack Russell frightened of sodding fireworks 😨

Oh good, it’s time to go to work for an 8 hour nightshift πŸ˜„

I’m a tad frazzled – where’s my glass of fire and open log ………….

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