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Off you toddle Jeffrey Ha :)

So Lana Gardiner asked me “Mommy why do some Daddy’s not live with their children?” I explain it’s sometimes because the parents are not in love anymore but stressed they still love their children. She thinks about this for a moment and then says “if Daddy didn’t live with us anymore me and Owi could sleep in your bed every night – all snug πŸ™‚


Children’s names 😁

When you’re expecting a baby, you spend so long choosing the perfect name for your darling child, you experiment with what sounds good, what it will possibly be shortened to, does it “go” with surname and finally you got it – happy days πŸ˜„

But then as your child grows up, they will undoubtedly have an opinion on what you chose for them and change it accordingly. Β All of mine have their names shortened – Christian became Tin, Cameron – Mac, Arowyn – Owi and Alana – Lana – banana head or meat head – she personally prefers to be called Lewis or John – but that’s another story 😁

I did laugh today though when Lana said she was going to “Tripe’s” house – TRIPE!!! 😨 she actually meant her love interest, her beau Tristan – a lovely name for a lovely little boy – and she calls him Tripe πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ she said it’s short for Tristan 😁

Back in the holidays – Arowyn called

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Bloody homework!

Just tell me – when did it become “our homework” – I’ve done my bloody homework many years ago – but now I find I’m expected to do the kids homework too 😨 or at least look as if I’m helping 😨

“Mom, how do you think WE did with maths?” well if you copied my answers – WE probably did crap πŸ˜‚

And by the way Lana Gardiner – you cannot take a novelty giant condom into school and use it as a pencil case 😱😱

My first post :)

Wow, I’m so bloody proud of myself, proud that I`ve managed to set this up on my own.Β  Not being technically minded, infact I don`t really know what technically minded means but it sounds like I know what I`m talking about.

As a general rule I would ask assistance from third or fourth born, they are 7 and 10 years and are pretty good at programming the tv and such like for me.Β  Course I do it on the pretence that they need to learn these things so they don`t end up like me.

A little about me.Β  I`m married to Jeff and we have third and fourth born, 2 little girls.Β  I also have first and second born with previous husband, they are 21 and 23 and still living here with us – can`t for the life of me think why they haven`t flown the nest yet – they haven`t stayed for my cooking skills, that’s for sure!

I asked one of my neighbours if I could have some apples off his tree – in return, I said I would make him an apple crumble.Β  He`s over the moon with this – poor disillusioned man – obviously not familiar with my cooking skills!

Talking of which I better go and cook something for tea.Β  My Mom said to me, many many moons ago, when I first left home and had a family – always lay the table for when your husband gets home, it then looks like something is happening in the kitchen – doesn`t matter that there is fuck all in the oven, as long as the table it set! (she didn`t say the F word though – but I use it quite a lot!)