Sweet dreams – quiet tears ❤

Arowyn likes to fall asleep with lullabies playing, sometimes over 2 hours of mundane lullabies drift down the stairs each evening, I’m not surprised they help her sleep – anything to escape those same bloody lullabies 😁

Which was why last night I heard a different song – an album she had looked specifically for and that one track ……… “Guitar Man” The Sound of Bread.  I crept quietly into her room and wrapped her in my arms and we listened together.  You see, this was Mom’s album, the one we played endlessly whilst she was slowly fading away, and the one we played at her funeral ❤

I really tried so hard not to cry – I didn’t want Arowyn to think she had made me cry and also it’s a timeless beautiful album I wanted her to feel good about listening to it.

But my sweet little daughter said to me “Are you crying Mom?” “No” I replied “It’s ok if you are” she said – I did cry then – and do you know, it was ok ❤

7 months and it still hurts xx


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