Dad in charge 😄

Bloody typical – not only do I have a horrible reaction to my flu jab – first and last I’ll ever have 😱 but I have no choice but to hand the gauntlet of the household to Jeffrey – not on any old day – BUT – on the day the school photographer descends on the school 😨😨

I have to say I didn’t realise this until after the damage was done otherwise I would have dragged my carcass down the stairs to supervise – forgetting was probably nature’s way to make me stay in bed 😄

So Lana Gardiner went to school in a crumpled shirt – please, please say she kept her jumper on – Arowyn had a lanky ponytail – instead of her jaunty “high pony” 😄

Please tell me you smiled nicely and didn’t bugger about as you normally do Lana Gardiner and completely ruin any school photo taken – I beg on their return home 😨

We would have done, they replied  – however – Dad left the crusts on our sandwiches ………….. 😱

Well that’s done it then for another year *sigh*


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