Children’s names 😁

When you’re expecting a baby, you spend so long choosing the perfect name for your darling child, you experiment with what sounds good, what it will possibly be shortened to, does it “go” with surname and finally you got it – happy days πŸ˜„

But then as your child grows up, they will undoubtedly have an opinion on what you chose for them and change it accordingly. Β All of mine have their names shortened – Christian became Tin, Cameron – Mac, Arowyn – Owi and Alana – Lana – banana head or meat head – she personally prefers to be called Lewis or John – but that’s another story 😁

I did laugh today though when Lana said she was going to “Tripe’s” house – TRIPE!!! 😨 she actually meant her love interest, her beau Tristan – a lovely name for a lovely little boy – and she calls him Tripe πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ she said it’s short for Tristan 😁

Back in the holidays – Arowyn called

up the stairs and says “Mom – I’m going over the park with Codeine Carl” Wtf 😱😱😱😱

“Wait there!” I yelled back “who the hell is Codeine Carl” 😨

“Cody and Carl Mom – my friends from school”😁

Ffs – I expect it will be Ketamine Colin tomorrow!!!


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