My first post :)

Wow, I’m so bloody proud of myself, proud that I`ve managed to set this up on my own.  Not being technically minded, infact I don`t really know what technically minded means but it sounds like I know what I`m talking about.

As a general rule I would ask assistance from third or fourth born, they are 7 and 10 years and are pretty good at programming the tv and such like for me.  Course I do it on the pretence that they need to learn these things so they don`t end up like me.

A little about me.  I`m married to Jeff and we have third and fourth born, 2 little girls.  I also have first and second born with previous husband, they are 21 and 23 and still living here with us – can`t for the life of me think why they haven`t flown the nest yet – they haven`t stayed for my cooking skills, that’s for sure!

I asked one of my neighbours if I could have some apples off his tree – in return, I said I would make him an apple crumble.  He`s over the moon with this – poor disillusioned man – obviously not familiar with my cooking skills!

Talking of which I better go and cook something for tea.  My Mom said to me, many many moons ago, when I first left home and had a family – always lay the table for when your husband gets home, it then looks like something is happening in the kitchen – doesn`t matter that there is fuck all in the oven, as long as the table it set! (she didn`t say the F word though – but I use it quite a lot!)


6 thoughts on “My first post :)

      1. You are welcome! Next time I log in on a PC, I will follow you. There doesn’t seem to be such an option on my app, but if you follow my blog, I think I can follow back from the app.

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    1. I was over the moon to receive this award from fellow blogger Wandering Soul 😄 just the thought that someone was enjoying reading my blog, as much as I’m enjoying waffling my little heart out 💌

      I’ve had a mega busy weekend and will do my nominees asap plus answer the questions – just wanted to do my thank you first 😊


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